Rare late-Gustavian chest with original locks and hardware, circa 1820 - 1820. Very rare Gustavian two-door sideboard, original locks and hardware, circa 1790. Pair of large Gustavian chests, original iron handles and locks, circa 1790. Restored. Richly carved Gustavian style chest, 19th C. Scandinavian two-part vitrine cabinet, 19th C. Gustavian bureau, original lock and key, circa 1790 Very fine Swedish Rococo style extensen table, richly carved, with finely carved apron, with carving on the two leafs too, circa 100 years old. Very fine richly carved two part Swedish bureau, circa 1780 - 1790. Richly carved Gustavian centertable, circa 1770. Gustavian book cabinet, 19th C. Very fine Gustavian style extention table, four leafs with apron, 19th C. Original painted grand father clock, circa 1810. Chinese console in original lacqure, 19th C. Rococo style wall cabinet, circa 100 years old. Swedish book cabinet with old glass, circa 1880. Gustavian sofabench, richly carved, in original painting and guilt, circa 1790. A Rococo style table with a drawer, circa 1850. Fine French sideboard with original locks and hardware, circa 1750 Very fine richly carved Gustavian chest with original lock, faux painted marble top, circa. 1790 - 1800. Gustavian chest with faux painted marble top. Circa 1780 - 1810. Ten chairs with original seats in horsehair, circa 1790 - 1810. Richly carved Gustavian style sideboard, with faux painted marble top, circa 100 years old. Waldemar Frome Jupiter Waldemar Frome  Female Control Gustavian style two-parts bureau, late 19th C. Very important Swedish roll-top desk, with extensions leafs in the sides and adjustable leather surface in writing desk. Stockholm. Original locks and bronze hardware, circa 1805. Pair of Gustavian chests, 19th C. Restored. Very fine Scandinavian chest, with original iron handels in the sides, richly carved, 18th C. Swedish two-parts Baroque cabinet, original lock, 18th C. Very rare Italian Baroque mirror with original paint, guilt and old beveled glass, richly carved, circa 1700 - 10 Very fine freestanding desk (console), porphyry painted on all sides, circa 1810. Fine Gustavian chest, bronze mounted, circa 1830. Fine plaster after the famous Thorvaldsen Very important pedestal cabinet, beg 19th C. Rare wingback chair, circa 100 years old. A Gustavian style table, mounted with brass decor, circa 100 years old. Relief after Bertel Thorvaldsen, Gustavian chest, richly carved, with original hardware and locks, circa 1770 - 1780. chest with mountings. Original bronzed hardware and marble top, Circa 100 years old. Very rare Scandinavian chest with original guilted bronzes, circa 1810. Pair of Richly Carved Armchairs with Leatherseats, circa 100 years old. Rare Baroque chest, richly carved, 18th C. Two pillar table with a leaf, end 19th C. Swedish baroque chest, circa 1750. Richly carved Gustavian mirror with original guilt and glass. Rare richly carved table with original honey-colored polishing, circa 1830. Two very rare Swedish candlesticks, made in fruitwood, ca. 1720.
Scandinavian Baroque chest, original hardware, locks and key, circa 1740 - 1750. Gustavian trey-top table with original locks, circa 1800. Sixteen, richly carved, high-back Gustavian style chairs, circa 100 years old. A pair of richly carved Gustavian chests with original ironhandles, locks and hardware, circa 1790 - 1800. Late Gustavian secretary, circa 1820 - 1830. Rare tall boy chest, with original central lock, circa 1830 Scandinavian cabinet, with bronze mountings, circa 1830. Fine curved doors. Swedish armchair, circa 100 years old. Fine Gustavian style chest, richly carved, 19th C. A fine two-part bureau with numerous drawers and original locks and keys, circa 1750. A plaster relief, after the famous B. Thorvalsen, circa 80 years old. A rare, richly carved, three-doors Gustavian style cabinet, circa 100 years old. A pair of bergere, circa 100 years old. Fine Scandinavian armchair, Rococo style, 19th C. Pair of Gustavian style chests with faux marble top, 19th C. Gustavian style chest, richly carved demi-lune front, 19th C. Waldemar Frome  Fine two-part vitrine cabinet, with original glass (Minor damage to one glass) Original locks, circa 1850. Exceptionel Gustavian chest, circa 1790 Gustavian console table, circa 1800 - 30 Fine chest, with faux painted marble top, 18th C. Pair of Swedish stools, 19th C. Very fine Scandinavian chest with faux marble top, circa 1750 - 1760. Fine late Gustavian chest, circa 1830 Scandinavian Baroque table, 18/19th C. Four fine richly carved Swedish chairs in original paint, Circa 1750 - 1760. Fine French or Italian chest, richly carved, original hardware and locks, circa 1750 13098-1A Very fine oil painting, study of a man Pair of Swedish chairs, 19th C. Eight Gustavian style chairs, circa 100 years old. A pair of rare Swedish pedistals, circa 1830. A fine carved Gustavian style oval phase cut mirror, circa 100 years old. Unusual freestending Rococo style table, with a drawer on both ends, 19th C. Finely carved Gustavian sideboard, circa 1810. A fine Gustavian chest, with old bronze hardware, circa 1790. Swedish sofa, Rococo style, Beg. 20th C. Fine painting, attributed Herri Met De Bles (1480 -  1521) A Rococo console in original paint, 18th C. Richly carved Danish bureau with original hardware and locks, circa 1740 - 1760. An important Swedish grandfather clock in original paint, dated A Gustavian piedestal, circa 1810. Very rare Swedish chest with original marble top. Very fine bronze hardware. 19th C. Pair of chairs, and one stool, bronzed mounted, Circa 1900. Rare Russian klismos chair in birch. Ca. 1850. Fine original painted clock, 19th C. Very fine Gustavian painted metal tray, circa 1790 Rare Swedish iron table with marble top. Circa 1930.
Pair of Gustavian style armchairs, 19th C. Swedish sideboard, 19th C. Very fine and rare Scandinavian chest, richly carved with original brass hardware, iron handels and key, circa 1750. A richly carved Gustavian sideboard, 19th C. Fine Gustavian chest, richly carved with bronze hardware, circa 1770 - 80. English bookcase in original patina, locks and key, circa 1790 - 1810. Very rare and fine Swedish Rococo chest with beautiful bronze hardware, 18th C. A pair of Gustavian chests with original locks, circa 1790. Very fine Swedish painting, in the circle of Anders Zorn. He was a very important Swedish artist. He has painted similar portraits from Dalarna. Oli on canvas. Richly carved Gustavian style sideboard, circa 100 years old. Gustavian chest with original lock, circa 1790-1810. Gustavian sofa, circa 1790 - 1810 Fine Gustavian chest, circa 1800. Bronze mounted round table. Italian or French, 19th C. Waldemar Frome  Swedish sideboard, richly carved, 19th C. Very fine Gustavian chest, richly carved, circa 1790 An important two-part Gustavian secretary, with original guilted handels in the sides and original locks, circa 1790 Scandinavian two-part bureau, original locks, circa 1750 - 70 Pair of Gustavian style chests, 19th C. Fine little Scandinavian Rococo chest, with painted faux marble top, circa 1740 - 60. Original locks. Gustavian two-door sideboard, original lock and hardware, circa 1790 Fine freestanding Rococo style writing desk, 19th C. A rare richly craved Gustavian style sideboard, circa 100 years old. Very fine Swedish Baroque chest with faux painted marble top and original locks and hardware, circa 1750. Ref. 130851A Pair of rare original Swedish art nouveau chairs, in original color, circa 1910 H. 76 H-seat. 43 W. 55 D. 38 cm. H. 29.9 H-seat. 16.9 W. 21.6 D. 15 in. Pair of Gustavian style armchairs, richly carved, circa 100 years old. Gustavian style, bronze mounted, round table, 19th C. Fine bergère, richly carved, in old paint, 19th C. A richly carved Gustavian bureau with original locks and keys, circa 1790. Ref. 13078-1P Very finely carved Gustavian chest with original locks and key, circa 1790. A rare Swedish chest with original hardware, locks and keys, circa 1775. Very rare original painted armchair, probably by the famous architect J.C. Lillie, whom designed furniture to Danish castles. Please see Liselund Castle and Designmuseum Denmark. Fine Scandinavian Rococo style chest with old guilted bronze hardware, locks and key, 19th C. An important Gustavian sofa in original patina and guilt, richly carved, circa 1790. Fine interior painting. Painted on panel, 19th C. Signed. Original and guilted carved Italian armchair in nutwood, 18/19th C. Pair of Danish rococo chairs in nut wood with guilted carvings, circa 1750. Rare Scandinavian chest, circa 1760. Swedish bureau, in original striped colored paint. 1800 Very rare richly carved grand father clock, in original paint. Circa 1760 Pair of Swedish provincial chairs, circa 1750. Back is curved as shown on photo. Fine impressionistic painting, signed monogram. 1919. Russian silver icon. 19th C. Signed. Gustavian mirror with original guilt, patina and glass, circa 1770 -90.